Words shared on The writing aims to honor dialogue, flow from a place of peace, challenge the ego, and present aspects of being in and on this beautiful, sacred, oxygenated, gassy planet. Expect topics ranging from permaculture, nutrition, baking, being outdoors, herbalism, mindfulness, to writers I’m enjoying and challenged by.


What  percentage of thoughts are experienced memories? Did we really experience them or did our brain just make it up?

Since discovering astrological birth charts, some things have more angles. What took me more than 3 decades to figure out, the universe knew when it birthed me. Definitively a Magnetic Blue Monkey (Mayan), and a Wood Ox. No accident I arrived 5 weeks early.

Baking and sharing bread, both rituals I hold sacred. I share these experiences on Learn how to start a sourdough starter, troubleshoot that loaf you spent more than a day bringing to life, and musings.

Other thoughts I record in a Hobonichi Techno. It’s perfect travel size.


I, too chase the sun, como los girasoles.

their faces shine a cleansing ray
if I’m not my usual self, dance us into a field of glistening faces
let us free.

flores del sol
hijas del sol
hijos del sol
juntos, ofrecemos nuestra luz

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