I am a creative, baker, mama of under the sink worms, participant of natural cycles, and almost always have something on or under the counter fermenting. From Houston, Texas and an alumna of The University of Texas at Austin and The French Pastry School. Most recently baking professionally at El Pan de la Chola in Lima, Peru. Co-creator of Oxheart Restaurant and Public Services Bar. Former director of small details at OKRA Charity Saloon. Author/Co-Artist of The Art of Baking:Oxheart and The Lima Year. Things that help me unravel the riddles of the world: alternative economies, ceramics, Apus, hip-hop, zine-making, meditation, Frieze, sourdough baking and musings on bread.blog, community collaborations, conversations on swings or picnic blankets, lemonade. I am a collector of shells, rocks, feathers, and seeds.

The Studio in NYC introduced the Katonah practice to me and I enjoy referencing this digital sequence. When I want to see the world in both ancient or new, I pick a film from this Films for Action list. More on Enheduanna, an ancient Sumerian poet. When I need to bring flowers and soil inside, I watch Azuma Makoto’s botanical animation “Story of Flowers” and study from The Natural Way of Farming by Masanobu Fukuoka. Language effects emotion, sound effects the body, and vibrational technology built the pyramids: here. Possible morning movement routine

I will allow for something learned every day. I practice freedom and love. I strive to be honest (satya) and compassionate (karuna). I support humans so together we can find our fullest expression of joy (mudita). I pour energy into openings that give strength, creativity, and freedom. I insist on experiencing more everyday awe. I participate in the cycle of lessons. No matter where the beginning and end merge, I will breathe in inspiration from all times, breathe out with gratitude, bow reverently or sun salutate a way through, and love endlessly. I expand and contract, exploring a middle way. (Personal Creed, updated 21 Jan, 2021)

I habitually drink hot tea not hot.

Current morning playlist: