Born in Houston, Texas. Alumna of The University of Texas at Austin and The French Pastry School. Baking at El Pan de la Chola in Lima, Peru. Co-creator of Oxheart Restaurant and Public Services Bar. Former director of small details at OKRA Charity Saloon. Author/Co-Artist of The Art of Baking:Oxheart and The Lima Year. Things that help me unravel the riddles of the world: design, ceramics, wandering, mountains, hip-hop, writing, meditation, art, food, conversations on porch swings or picnic blankets, love, and lemonade. I daydream.

I will learn something new every day. I give myself the freedom to love. I strive to be honest (satya) and compassionate (karuna). I support my friends and community so together we can find our fullest expression of joy (mudita). I pour energy into openings that give me strength, creativity, and freedom. I insist on experiencing more everyday awe. I participate in this ironman. No matter where the finish line waits, I will breathe in inspiration from the past, present, and future, breathe out with gratitude, sun salutate my way through space, and love endlessly. I expand and contract, exploring equanimity. I will leave a legacy. (Personal Creed, updated 5 April, 2017)

I habitually drink hot tea not hot.

Current morning playlist: