As an extension of using my hands to express how I wish to connect with others, clay became the next medium of choice. Clay, like bread, has few ingredients and both go into a hot furnace for transformation. We must wait for it to cool. The lesson becomes time.

Follow the Sun Cultivars, 2021

A call to match the planter height and width with the plants that it will cultivate. These planters were partially glazed to allow natural drainage and air flow. Of course I didn’t take a picture of the details that rest beneath the dirt.

Strike Anywhere, 2018

Inspired by ledges of dining rooms and the need to transform a space filled with hygge, strike anywhere and accomplish that and more.


Betsy’s Garden, 2018

Settling into a space that called me home, a garden that ever-changed, a place that blooms before a return, memories unforgotten.

Indents, 2018

Placing an indent into things, imprinting a fingerprint over and over until it’s unrecognizable.