Writings now shared on, previously perfectly irregular thoughts. What percentage of thoughts are experienced memories? Did we really experience them or did our brain just make it up?instax_book

Since discovering astrological birth charts, a whole lot of things now make more sense. What took me more than 3 decades to figure out, the universe knew when it birthed me. Definitively, a Virgo (Sun, Mercury, and Mars), a Magnetic Blue Monkey (Mayan), and a Wood Ox. No accident I arrived 5 weeks early.

Baking and sharing bread, both rituals I hold sacred. I share these experiences on Learn about how to start your own sourdough starter, troubleshoot that loaf you spent more than a day trying to bring to life, and musings.

Other thoughts I record in a Hobonichi Techno. It’s perfect travel size.


I, too chase the sun, como los girasoles.

their faces shine a cleansing ray
if I’m not my usual self, dance us into a field of glistening faces
let us free.

flores del sol
hijas del sol
hijos del sol
juntos, ofrecemos nuestra luz