As my time at Oxheart came to an end, I put my thoughts and memories on paper. Over the years 2015-2017, I turned them into paintings, drawings, and collages. I placed color. I gave stories another breath and every time you turn its page, it gets another. I compiled recipes. I share everything from the techniques I picked up staging around the world to the ingredients of Oxheart staff meal.

Made with help from friends, The Art of Baking: Oxheart reflects the community spirit that supported this small but ambitious restaurant that was open for 5 years. Sarah Belfort, helped me capture the things that float inside my head. Marcella Arreaga and Melissa Kwan added splashes of their creativity. There’s a whole lot of love and reflection. The experience of opening Oxheart led me on a path that explored the expression of being human. I’ve since flourished as an individual, a human, an artist.

This record of self-discovery reveals the love and passion behind a woman who enjoys sharing her craft with others. She shares her baking at



Published by Karen Man

a student, teacher, sister, daughter, friend, baker, thrower of dinner parties, jumper at the opportunity to fail, made of unicorn breath and Danish summers, and lover of sunflowers.

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